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The Golden Ele Awards 2023

With over 300 customers spanning multiple sectors, there’s no doubt that the Orlo herd has some amazing stories to tell. Which is why, alongside our flagship event, Orlo’s BIG Social, we bring you our very own celebration of customer success – The Golden Ele Awards!

The Golden Eles are an opportunity to give your organisation, team or a particular show-stopping colleague the recognition they deserve for all their hard work over the last 12 months! Share your most engaging campaigns, successful strategies and tales of going the extra mile for consideration against some of the best in your sector, and beyond…

The closing date for entries is Wednesday the 6th of September 2023 and the winners will be announced at the Golden Eles award ceremony, taking place during Orlo’s BIG Social event, on the 20th of September 2023, at The Birmingham Hippodrome.

Going for Bold Award

Team Award

Here at Orlo, we’re proud to be different and try to be bold at every opportunity, pushing the boundaries together.

Are you a team of trendsetters who laugh in the face of conformity and thrive when presented with the unexpected? We’re looking for a gang of social media moguls, customer service pros or marcomms gurus who are never afraid to try something different and go against the herd in their efforts to achieve amazing CX and smash it across their socials.

Reckon you fit the bill? Submit your Going for Bold award entry today and, in just a couple of minutes, give us a flavour of just how daring and fearless you can be and why your team deserves to take home the Going for Bold award – make it count!

Real Deal Award

Company Award

We’re a down-to-earth bunch at Orlo, and believe being human is key to building great relationships.

Are you flying the flag for authenticity when it comes to forging amazing and long-lasting relationships with your customers or citizens? Yes? Then this category is the one for you! We’re looking for the company that weaves a human touch into everything they do across their social media marketing, comms or customer service endeavours to warm the hearts and build trust with their audience.

Reckon you fit the bill? Submit your Real Deal award entry today and give us a flavour of just how candid and real you can be, and why your organisation deserves to take home the Real Deal award!

Fast and the Curious Award

Team Award

Curiosity is often where ground-breaking ideas stem from – even if it does sometimes get the better of us!

Has your organisation’s quest for continuous learning led to an innovative new campaign from your comms or marketing team that’s driven engagement across social? Have you dipped your toes into the waters of a new social channel or perhaps your thirst for growth and evolution has helped guide a new approach and process improvements within your customer service environment that have resulted in outstanding CX success.

Reckon you fit the bill? Submit your Fast and the Curious award entry today and, in just a couple of minutes, give us a flavour of why your organisation’s curiosity deserves award-winning status!

Grafters Award

Team Award

If your organisation is anything like us here at Orlo – blood, sweat and tears go into everything you do.

Does your team’s passion drive their determination to deliver winning social CX or marketing day in, day out? From a once-in-a-generation pandemic to the jaw-dropping twists and turns of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, and the explosive rise of TikTok, we’ve witnessed the power of unpredictability firsthand. It often takes a team of real grafters to put in those extra hours to really elevate your organisation to God-tier status on social.

Ready to recognise all the great work your team puts in? Submit your Grafters award entry today and, in just a couple of minutes, give us a flavour of why your team of grafters deserve their slice of the limelight!

Unsung Hero Award

Colleague Award

Tell us to mind our language, but for us, those colleagues who really give a sh*t and go the extra mile are worth their weight in gold!

Is there a rising star in your business, or perhaps a seasoned pro, who deserves our Unsung Hero award? If they’re passionate about your organisation, the work they do and going the extra mile for your customers or citizens, no matter what situation arises, then we want to hear all about them. From head-honcho to Team Leader, Customer Service Agent to Social Media Executive – the field is wide open for anyone to take home our Golden Ele!

Have someone in mind that fits the bill? Submit your Unsung Hero award entry today and, in just a couple of minutes, give us a flavour of why your nominee deserves to be recognised!

Submissions are now closed for the 2023 Golden Ele Awards. Winners will be announced at Orlo's BIG Social on the 20th of September 2023.