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The Golden Ele Awards 2023

Our Top Tips

Do's and Don'ts

Do keep to time

Remember you only have three minutes max. to let us know why your company, team or colleagues deserves to walk away with a Golden Ele!

Do get your dimensions right

Ensure your entries fit in with our 1080 x 1920 format.

Do be creative

Make sure your entry stands out from the competition. Just like on social media, the whole world is vying for attention so make sure you embrace your fun side and let your creative juices flow.

Do include your top stats

Who doesn’t love stat right? Talk about them, drop them in on a slide or sing them to us – whatever works for you.

Do make the most of your 250 word note

Although the star of the show will be your video submission, make sure you make the best use of the 250 word note that accompanies your entry to provide any additional context you think we might need or highlight any of those really crucial points you don’t want us to miss.

Don’t assume one size fits all

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of categories you and your organisation can enter but be sure to submit tailored and bespoke videos for each category entered to avoid them being discounted.

Don’t get your media teams to film and edit your videos

We want your entries to really embody the fun and personality of your organisation and teams so we don’t need your videos to be Oscar-worthy. In true social media style – grab your smartphone and get filming!

Don’t overcomplicate your entry

The Golden Eles are a different style of awards – no lengthy 2000 word count submission here – phew! 3 minutes isn’t that long so keep things short and sweet, get straight to the point and showcase why you deserve to win.

Don’t leave it too late to enter

Remember the extended deadline for entry is Wednesday 13th of September 2023.

Register to enter

There’s a twist of course – there’s always a twist! This is no typical award entry process – this is your opportunity to do away with the humdrum PowerPoint presentations and lengthy word count and, in true social media style,  create something engaging! No need to spend thousands on fancy production, think the latest TikTok-style video or snappy Instagram reel. No extra points available for singing or dancing, but it is encouraged  – no matter how embarrassing!

The boring bits…

  • Entries should be in video format
  • Maximum length 3 mins
  • Ensure your dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to submit a note of up to 250-words to accompany your video
  • Entries can be submitted via this form or shared with your Customer Success Manager
  • You’re free to enter multiple categories but must create separate video submissions for each category
  • Extended closing date for entries is Wednesday 13th September 2023

Simply fill out this form to register to enter and let us know which categories you’ll be submitting entries for…